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What is so Special about Automatic Swing Doors?

Swing doors, as the name implies, can be swung in both directions. These single and double-versioned swing doors have fixed pivot hinges that can open the leaves to 90 degrees on either side of the opening. The rounded-joint leaves enable these high-performance doors to open to 180 degrees.

Deadlock fitted at the top and/or bottom of the leaf allows these high speed doors to be locked.

These high-performance doors Angier NC that are resistant to fire are used in food processing operations. These high-speed doors prevent two persons on either side of the door to push or pull in opposite directions by glazing the doors.

Other industries also use these doors in storage areas in department stores and warehouses. The use of these doors has many benefits because it can be opened simply by pushing in both directions.

Moreover, these are perfect for fire exits in car parks, schools, hospitals, and other establishments.

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