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How often do automatic garage doors need to be serviced?

Depends on type.

Bearings need to be lubed annually- use dry lube. Chain drive – inspect annually and if needed use the grease mfg specifies. If you have a belt-drive, inspect every 6 months for wear and fraying. If worn, replace.

No other maintenance needed on belt drive.

Check safety sensors monthly and test auto-reverse while making sure sensors are working properly. Put a short length of 2×4 under the door and push the button to close. It should stop and reverse as soon as it hits the block of wood.

If it doesn’t, get a qualified technician to adjust it. It’s a safety thing.

Dry lube the opening springs but DO NOTHING ELSE. Don’t try to make any adjustments. These springs can hurt you if you don’t know what you are doing.

Other than inspect and lube, not too much more to do.

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