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Testing Garage Door Sensors

Garage doors keep our lives on target as we open and shut the doorway to our garage. With the press of a button or a fast combination on a keypad, the door raises or lowers, helping protect our possessions. When the garage door breaks down or won’t open or close properly, it affects our daily lives.

A common problem with a garage door is when the sensor moves out of alignment. How are you able to make certain your garage door sensor is the culprit of a broken door? Excellent Garage Doors is here to assist you to understand garage door sensors and the way to check their functionality. From there, you’ll potentially fix the matter yourself or call the professionals to handle the repair.

Is your garage door sensor not working? First, it’s important to know how garage doors work before trying to repair a problem yourself. Since 1993, residential automatic garage doors have required safety sensors that prevent the door from closing on an individual or object. Every garage door must have sensors that will tell if something is within the way before the door closes.

The sensors act as a key feature for automatic garage doors. Sensors can reverse the direction of the closing door if they detect an object within the path of the door. The door will then return to its open position. If the sensors pack up, this creates an inconvenience also as a significant safety hazard.

Now that you simply skills garage door sensors work, you’ll test your sensor’s functionality. Determining if your garage door sensor is bad is fairly straightforward. Once you identify that the sensors are the difficulty, the answer is usually simple enough to perform yourself.

To test your garage door sensor, you’ll need a standard everyday object sort of a cardboard box. Place the box up the road of the sensors and check out to shut the garage door. If the door reverses after sensing an obstruction, your door is functioning correctly. If the door closes on the box, you’ll want to troubleshoot and appearance for signs to work out what’s wrong with the sensors.

If your garage door sensors are faulty, you’ll troubleshoot to identify the basis cause. There are a couple of signs which will assist you to determine the underlying problem with a garage door sensor. By checking these, you’ll decide whether to repair the matter yourself or contact knowledgeable. Search for these three signs:

Light indicators: a simple thanks to telling if your garage door sensors are out of alignment is by checking if the outside LED light blinks once you plan to close the door. Green lights mean the sensors are working, while red lights indicate the sensors aren’t aligned. If you anger lights, try inspecting the bracket or tightening a screw on the blinking sensor. You’ll know you fixed the sensor if the sunshine stops blinking and your garage door closes properly again.

Dirty lenses: Sometimes fixing your garage door sensors requires just a clean cloth. The sensor lenses can fail to work when dirt or spiderwebs block their view of the garage door opening. Wiping off the lenses can help your door function as normal. If your garage is particularly dirty or your area is understood for dust, you’ll want to wash your sensors regularly.

Damaged wires: The wires liable for connecting the garage door sensor system can undergo wear and tear as a result of regular use, weather, and even pests. Rain and wind, pest infestations, and therefore the use of tools can all affect the wires. Check to ascertain if the wires have water damage, chew marks, or other indications of tampering. If so, you’ll get to replace them.

After performing these remedies, recheck your garage door with another cardboard box. This test offers a simple thanks to seeing if you fixed the matter or if you ought to call a garage door expert.

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