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Possible Circuit Board Issues in Garage Door

When a garage door descends on command on the other hand immediately reverses itself, the matter is typical with the sensor eyes along the side tracks or with the door’s wheels binding in their tracks. But when the door begins to descend all on its own, the matter may point to the opener’s logic board or the circuitry inside the motor unit itself. Garage door technicians have reported instances of this, sometimes amid the opener’s lights flashing, much within the same way that some door openers flash when the sensor eyes detect an obstacle.

Theoretically, it’d be possible to repair circuit card problems—the problem might be a matter of resoldering a loose connection. this is not a project for many casual DIYers, although it’d be well worth the exploration if the choice is to exchange the garage door opener anyway. But having a service technician begin to aim such a repair will probably cost you as much—or more—than replacing the garage door opener entirely.

Installing a replacement opener may be a very doable project for any moderately handy person. as long as the issues together with your opener pose real safety and security risks, a replacement opener makes tons of sense if you cannot stop its mysterious behavior soon.

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