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Methods for Insulating Garage Doors

Among the solutions, some homeowners try is to use standard batt insulation to the within face of the door. Another method is to spray foam insulation on the within surface—the same quite insulation sometimes sprayed against roof sheathing from the within to enhance the R-value in an attic.

But garage doors are meant to function. they have to open and shut regularly, often hinging or folding at several different points. So neither bat insulation nor spray foam insulation goes to figure well on the garage door. albeit you discover products designed for application against a garage door, the constant movement of the garage door will eventually cause them to flake, pull apart, and fail—which means you are looking at insulating your door again and again. this is often hardly cost-effective over the end of the day .

If you’re bent an energy-efficient garage door, a far better alternative is to get a garage door that’s already insulated. instead of a metal door, which conducts heat and cold easily, choose a fiberglass door with a foam core, which can help stop a number of the energy loss from the garage. If you’re planning on replacing your garage door, looking into an insulated model is perhaps an honest idea. But it probably doesn’t make financial sense to exchange an otherwise good garage door with an insulated model only for the energy savings potential.

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