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Smart homes are now becoming the trend, what we wont to only dream about in movies is now a reality because of the evolution of technology. Home security systems have features where you’ll turn your lights on get through , lock and unlock doors, show a video feed of your home and even control your air conditioning to call a couple of .

While these features are convenient for homeowners, there’s also a replacement breed of thieves that accompany the new technologies: home automation hackers.

These new age hackers search for vulnerabilities in your home automation system and plan to break in to look at your video feeds, change your settings, and check out to unlock your doors in order that they will gain entry into your home.

This is very alarming and this invasion of privacy has become a security threat.

No got to worry because, with smart security, you’ll prevent the hackers from gaining access to your home automation system.

Latest studies show that 70% of internet connected devices are susceptible to hackers. If you think that that your system is secure you ought to countercheck and confirm you’ve got all bases covered.

A test was conducted where a Forbes reporter tried hacking and was ready to gain access to eight different homes. Sensitive information was revealed including IP address, devices, appliances, and even the names of youngsters . The physical address of some homes was also pinpointed and therefore the lights within the main bedroom in one among the homes were turned on and off.

The hack was simple, a Google search was finished an inventory of smart homes. These homes used a product that doesn’t require user names and passwords opening a door for hackers to control their home automation system.

This shows that internet connected homes are hospitable hacking. It’s vital to figure together with your home automation provider to find out about security measures that you simply can fancy increase your security settings.

Prevention is crucial because a hacker can easily control your home once they get access to your system. they will unlock your doors, adjust temperature, turn lights off, to call a couple of .

Watching your video feeds is an intrusion of privacy where even your intimate moments are often shared and exploited on the web .

Your appliances are often destroyed if a hacker decides to go away a heater on for an extended period of your time at a really heat , you’ll even experience your bills to soar if they plan to turn your aircon on the entire day.

The first step to securing your system is setting a password. Use a robust one where hackers will find hard to crack. Change your password regularly just in case a hacker gets in using your old password.

Invest during a secured router to stay all devices in your home safe from hackers. Having multiple access points on your router gives you more security.

Put your network on invisible mode to cover them from automatic searches. Using encrypted signals for videos also are recommended, ask your provider is that this feature is included in your system.

Never use public WiFi when connecting to your home. Use a secure mobile data connection or use an encrypted mobile site if your system offers this feature.

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