Spring Replacement
Maintenance for Doors
Inspect: All rollers, bearings, cables, chains, shaft, track and hardware. All safety equipment and related controls.
Adjust: All springs counterbalance assemblies, level of door, track spacing.
Lubricate: Counterbalance shaft bearings, rollers, hinges, chain hoists, bearings and disconnect.
Tighten: Hardware including hinges, couplings, drums, track brackets and hangers.
Maintenance for Operators
Inspect: Operator bearings, disconnect linkage and ropes and chain hoist assemblies.
Adjust: Clutch, brake and limit assemblies.
Lubricate: Bearings, chains, gear reducers, disconnects and pivot points.
Tighten: Sprockets, brake solenoids, draw-arms and hook-up.
Maintenance for Dock Leveler
Inspect: Hold down unit, springs, slide bar, rear hinges, lip assembly, hydraulic hoses and connections.
Adjust: Deck counterbalances, lip assembly, hold down unit and linkage.
Lubricate: All pivot points, rear hinges, lip hinge and shaft. Clean dock pit.
Tighter: Linkage fastener and cable clamps.